Decisioning in the Cloud: A Beneficial New Approach for Financial Institutions

Executive Summary

Organisations around the world are constantly looking for ways to effectively meet the rising demands and challenges of today's ever-changing marketplace. Achieving growth in a sea of constraints requires processes and technologies that may not be commonly used today. Some say cloud is the answer as it grows increasingly mainstream. It's easy to get caught up in the hype of the next best thing when a combined approach may be a better way forward — taking the best of what has got us here with innovative new approaches that are clearly value-add.

It's absolutely fundamental to look beyond pure technology advancements and evaluate innovations in the context of true value-add to the business. Let's take decision management — it has transformed the way organisations make automated, effective customer-level decisions across a variety of industries. Historically, decision management has been delivered through on-premises software. Take this to the cloud and now organisations of all sizes can cost-effectively leverage rich data from multiple sources, powerful analytics, and effective strategies for more confident decisions.

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