Keep and manage good customers

Keeping good customers is more critical than ever. This means that building loyalty by providing the best possible experience for customers – including those that may have debt problems is essential.

This is difficult to achieve in today’s complex landscape, were strict regulatory environments are increasingly focusing on fairness for consumers.

Lenders have to prove that the products they offer their customers are appropriately targeted, whilst also protecting consumer choice. At the same time, debtor behaviour is changing, making it difficult to distinguish customers who are likely to pay from those are not.

Faced with these challenges, lenders require deep customer insight, throughout the customer relationship. Organisations understand the importance of this, yet often struggle with the high cost and complexity of developing and executing customer-centric strategies.

How can Experian help you to keep and manage good customers?

Collections Management


Experian’s Collections Management allows you to improve profitability by quickly controlling costs and maximising the value derived from your debt collections activities.

PowerCurve Platform

PowerCurve Platform

With PowerCurve, you can unlock the value of your data empowering your decision makers to better predict customer behaviour, anticipate change, reduce risk and drive strategic decision-making.

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PowerCurve Customer Management

                           Customer Management

With the ability to create a unique profile for every customer, PowerCurve™ Customer Management offers a deeper insight into the dynamics of your relationship with each customer.

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PowerCurve Strategy Management

                           Strategy Management

Combining advanced analytics and decisioning strategies, this powerful solution helps organisations drive higher performance with well targeted customer decisions, improving profitability.

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Advanced Analytics & Consulting

Advanced Analytics and

With Advanced Analytics and Consulting, we combine best-in-class predictive analytics with global cross-industry consultancy to turn data into intelligence and deep business insight.

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