Winning in the customer era

360° Customer Management

Discover why customer insight is your biggest opportunity and risk to your

Many organisations are struggling to connect the data dots, maximise the customer experience and drive revenue growth across the customer life cycle.

In Forrester Consulting’s new report, Winning in the Customer Era, 81% of senior leaders ranked customer insight as the number one imperative for their organisations. They realise that the top-performers will be customer insights-driven businesses that offer smart, personalised, seamless experiences.

Findings also show how successful organisations focus resources on three key areas to help create a comprehensive 360° view of their customers:

  • Connect the data dots.
  • Leverage advanced automation to optimise decision-making.
  • Maximise customer growth with improved processes and real-time analysis.

It’s predicted there will be 50 billion networked devices globally by 2020 – equating to seven times more networked devices than people. Decisions are now made instantly by the tap of a screen or click of a mouse. It means being connected is now a mandatory customer expectation.

Connect the unconnected to win, retain and better serve more customers


Find out why insight is everything, with more than 80% of CEO’s now regarding it as their #1 business priority

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Why customer insight is your biggest opportunity and risk to your revenues.


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