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Basel Analytics

As the dust of the financial crisis settles, risk and compliance professionals face a very different new world. Capital is scarcer and more expensive, and updates to the Basel rules add to mounting pressure on profitability.

Advanced risk measurement and management systems built pre-crisis to enable Basel compliance and avoid increased capital reserves can be used to meet these profitability and capital efficiency challenges head on.

Leading financial institutions are already using Basel insight to align capital with corporate strategy, improve risk management and make significantly more profitable lending decisions.

How can we help you?

With more than 100 Basel solutions successfully delivered around the world, Experian has the insight to help financial institutions meet compliance head on and turn its tools into new sources of competitive advantage.

Experian’s proven Basel Analytics enable clients to efficiently meet the Advanced Internal Rating-Based regulatory requirements, optimise capital allocation, improve credit risk and customer decision making, and unlock greater lending capacity.

From in-depth analysis of data availability and integrity, through to the integration of models with wider business strategies, Experian is able to support financial institutions at every point with Basel compliance and using its key insights to drive sustained and profitable growth:

  • Development of rating systems
  • Estimating risk parameters
  • Validation activities
  • Advanced economic stress testing
  • Use test requirement and strategic risk management

Experian offers a bespoke solution, a flexible engagement model, full knowledge transfer and more than 30 years of experience in providing vital insight to financial institutions.

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