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Our analytics help to release the value of data, by providing insights to help clients solve problems and make valuable business decisions.

Our integrated approach involves taking our own data, and data from our clients and third parties, and applying analytical models and software to transform raw data into meaningful information and insights. We take a consultative approach and work collaboratively with our clients, to help them identify issues and focus on solutions that add value to their business and increase their return on investment. Our platforms help our clients to carry out complex activities such as compiling, standardising and retrieving data, managing the decision-making process and managing workflows.

We develop scores, models and software, and create both bespoke and industry solutions, as we find elements of a problem are common across clients.

Our solutions help our clients to improve their business operations and customer interactions. They enable clients to:

  • Balance speed and competitiveness with the need for careful risk assessment, when considering an application for credit;
  • Verify that people are who they say they are and validate that the information they provide is correct, to help establish a person’s identity and prevent fraud; and
  • Detect, monitor and assess the risk of fraud at every stage of the customer relationship.
  • Establish an accurate picture of a customer’s ability and propensity to pay and, therefore, help our clients understand the best way to help their customers meet their obligations;
  • Automate huge volumes of day-to-day decisions, helping clients to make the right decision for each customer, in a timely, consistent and cost-efficient manner.

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