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Advanced Analytics and Consulting

Advanced Analytics: Turning data into intelligence

We combine best-in-class predictive analytics with global cross-industry consultancy to turn data into intelligence and deep business insight. We synthesise the growing number of third party data, collections and fraud data, as well as our clients’ own customer data, and use the industry’s leading analytical and optimisation models and capabilities to derive greater insight from data, and support customers with the challenges that face them across the customer life cycle.

Consulting: Powerful insight to enhance credit management strategies across the customer life cycle

Our Global Consultancy Practice is dedicated to creating measurable and sustainable value for organisations around the globe by understanding their key value drivers and helping them to achieve their business objectives. Consultants leverage their deep knowledge of data, analytics and software, along with understanding of credit and customer management principles and practices, and practical real-world experience gained from working across markets and industries, to deliver measurable, high impact quick wins, and long-term strategic roadmaps.

Why choose Experian Decision Analytics for advanced analytics and consulting?

Experian Decision Analytics helps clients achieve and sustain significant growth. We do this by enabling clients to make analytics-based customer decisions that support their strategic goals. As experts in uniting business understanding with consumer and business information, analytics and strategy execution, we empower clients to optimise customer value and actively manage it over time.

  • 300+ engagement in the past year
  • 25% revenue increase through cross-selling/up-selling
  • 90% decision automation increased
  • 25% reduction in attrition
  • 35% increase in collection effectiveness
  • Expert consultants with 20+ years of expertise
Basel Analytics

Basel Analytics

With 100+ Basel solutions successfully delivered, Experian has the insight to help financial institutions meet compliance head on and turn its tools into new sources of competitive advantage.

Fraud Analytics

Fraud Analytics

Experian’s fraud expertise, use of best data and advanced analytics help financial institutions ensure the optimal fraud prevention effort is expended on new applications.

Telecom Analytics

Telecom Analytics

Experian Telecom Analytics analyses all stages of the customer lifecycle and converts it into rich customer insights with actionable models that enable more profitable decisioning.


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