Decisioning for telecom customer intimacy

Driving customer intimacy through analytics

Experian Telecom Analytics

The traditional telecom business model is being disrupted by heightened competition, budget constraints, new customer behaviours and exponential technological advances. The extensive growth of customer behavioural data could present yet more challenges. By integrating existing subscriber data with external data assets, Experian Telecom Analytics analyses all stages of the customer lifecycle and converts it into rich customer insights with actionable models that enable more profitable decisioning.

Five steps to where you want to be

Informed by our deep and extensive experience across the sector, Experian Telecom Analytics comprises five phases:

  1. Assessing the business challenge
  2. Designing the business solution
  3. Developing predictive models
  4. Implementing the solution
  5. Monitoring and improving the value to your business

Combining international expertise with local knowledge, we have worked with telecom operators globally across all aspects of their business. From the key strategic objectives of increasing revenue, decreasing costs and reducing churn to tactical implementation across a range of infrastructures, we understand your sector, your challenges and your way forward.

Our collaborative approach has enabled us to apply a 360° perspective to provide solutions that deliver tangible operational value to the business and improve customer intimacy.

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