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Fraud Consulting

Experian’s fraud consultants have deep expertise and understanding of operational best practices, as well as fraud and identity strategies to deliver better, more insightful decisions, while extracting greater value from current and prospective customer relationships. Our Fraud Consultants work with you to conduct both operational and analytic assessments of current strategy effectiveness that include benchmarking analysis, validation studies, and profile and strategy analysis to derive specific recommendations based on changes in your business, economic or market conditions.

Through our risk-based approach to fraud mitigation and customer authentication, we help you proactively manage risk by providing comprehensive insight into an individual’s identity or a commercial entity. This insight enables you  to identify new credible customers, protect existing customers and meet regulatory obligations.

Key benefits
  • Improve volumes qualifying for fraud strategy or ID verification policy through score threshold analysis
  • Reduce false-positives to mitigate customer impacts within underwriting process
  • Increase bookings per month with improved accuracy for identifying low-risk applicants
  • Reduce operational costs by leveraging new segmentation criteria to streamline manual verification processes
Who are the Experian Fraud consultants?

Our Fraud consultants are made up of former Fraud Managers who have years of “real world” experience working in the markets and industries we serve. They have lived through many of the challenges facing clients today.

This practical experience combined with industry forethought, global best practices, deep problem solving acumen and a common consulting engagement methodology give us the ability to serve you with the industry’s leading team of consultants.

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