Review and improve existing fraud strategies for ongoing effectiveness

Review and Improve

Reviewing and improving your fraud strategy is the final element in a strategic approach to fraud risk management.

Adopting this continuous cycle ensures your fraud risk control capability remains effective in addressing today’s threats and challenges. It also encourages the use of acquired and best practice insight to enable you to become better prepared in combatting emerging fraud practices.

Our fraud experts here at Experian have over 30 years’ strategic experience and offer on-the-ground support to improve your strategy, liberate resource and retain revenues.

Through our extensive fraud business review, we help organisations improve the overall return from investment in fraud solutions as well as identifying quick wins, strategic gains and developing supporting delivery roadmaps. Followed up with a retrospective data analysis, our consultants can ascertain potential savings based on historic customer application data analysis. The team can also continue to offer ongoing analysis and recommendations on improving the benefits of implemented fraud solutions, as and when required.

How we can help

  • Ongoing and project-based engagements
  • Operational and strategy reviews
  • Issue analysis and recommendations
  • Benchmarking analysis
  • Data assessment to ensure data asset quality and performance
  • Implementation support

Let Experian help you develop a strategic response to fraud

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Strategic Fraud Consulting

Experian offers on-the-ground support to review and improve your fraud strategy, liberate resources and retain revenues.

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