Confident customer decisioning


Advanced, automated, dynamic decisioning across the customer life cycle.

Organisations are looking for the best ways to achieve profitable growth, and the stakes for every customer decision are increasing. Faced with more data, increasing competition, greater regulatory pressures and higher consumer expectations, the key to profitable growth will be the ability to unlock the value of data to make smarter, repeatable decisions that also optimise processes and meet complex new policies.

Introducing PowerCurve™

PowerCurve™ provides greater agility, flexibility, control and insight into your decision-making process. With Experian’s PowerCurve, you can unlock the value of your data to make accurate, analytics-based decisions quickly, efficiently and repeatedly, empowering your decision makers to better predict customer behaviour, anticipate change, reduce risk and drive strategic decision-making as you acquire, manage and grow customer relationships.

Bringing global innovation with local expertise

As a market leader with vast market knowledge, global reach and experience, Experian’s ability to combine global knowledge and local expertise is second to none. PowerCurve benefits from Experian’s 30 years’ experience in providing organisations with expert decisioning tools. PowerCurve is a truly global platform that is easy to roll out on a centralised scale and completely customisable to meet local legislation.

A powerful, innovative, modular decision management platform, which sits across the customer life cycle. Offering superior functionality, autonomy and greater control of all your customer interactions, Experian’s PowerCurve platform combines analytics, data intelligence and operational execution into a single platform. It helps organisations make insightful customer decisions - confidently and consistently, quickly and cost effectively - throughout the customer life cycle.

Experian’s PowerCurve platform is specifically designed to support compliance, cost and customer service. And unlike similar tools available today it doesn’t require heavy and costly customisation that generic solutions often do. And as it’s completely modular, you can build it up as your own business grows, offering more autonomy and greater control, and making you more nimble than your competitors.

This decision management software can be installed within your own IT environment, integrating the capabilities you need in order to manage costs and leverage existing software investments.

Alternatively, PowerCurve can be delivered as a service from a secure, hosted environment at one of our state-of-the-art data centres around the world.

  • Automate customer acquisition and harness data to improve segmentation and targeting
  • Rapidly create and deploy flexible decision strategies to increase bottom-line growth
  • Analyse and profile your customers to understand existing relationships and risk exposure levels
  • Maximise acquisition, customer risk and debt recovery
  • Quickly integrate data and analytics into your decision processes
  • Consistently deliver complex customer decisions, cost effectively and successfully

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