PowerCurve® strategy management

Drive profitability with confident decisioning

Drive growth one customer at a time

Better customer decisions are a powerful force for improving business performance. Precisely targeted, confident decisions, consistently delivered across the customer life cycle, can really drive profitability in today’s increasingly competitive environment.

To increase the pace of improvement and accelerate return on investment however, you need efficient and effective methods of developing and deploying these insightful decision strategies.

Introducing PowerCurve™ Strategy Management

PowerCurve™ Strategy Management enables organisations to quickly and easily develop and deliver more insightful customer decision strategies. Combining advanced analytics and decisioning strategies, this powerful solution helps organisations drive higher performance with well targeted, dynamic and confident customer decisions to remain competitive and improve profitability.

How does it work?

PowerCurve Strategy Management uses advanced analytics to unlock the value of your data and transform it into insight, identifying the potential revenue and risk associated with each and every customer interaction.

It tightly links strategy design with strategy execution. So you get quick, painless deployments and unmatched performance monitoring with results mapped back to your individual strategies. This complete loop architecture accelerates your test-and-learn cycles. It also helps you recognise early signs of market and customer behaviour changes so you can more quickly adapt your decisioning strategies to avoid negative impacts and take advantage of new opportunities.

With PowerCurve Strategy Management you can:

  • Easily incorporate new decisioning capabilities into your existing environment
  • Drive higher decisioning performance and ROI throughout your organisation
  • Accelerate time to market while boosting overall productivity
  • Reduce demands on internal resources, analysts and IT
  • Quickly design, test execute and refine decision strategies in house
  • Achieve a better balance of risk and reward
  • Better understand and meet your customer needs

Experian Decision Analytics offers more than three decades of proven expertise in enriching customer data and building meaningful analytics to help organisations grow profitable customer relationships. With PowerCurve Strategy Management you can enhance the decision processes to develop and deliver profitable acquisition, portfolio and debt management decisions – fast.

PowerCurve Strategy Management: Drive profitability with confident decisioning

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