Customer insight and management

Comprehensive portfolio management reduces risk while maximizing profits

Boost Customer Engagement and Business Performance

Marketing services are crucial to acquiring new customers and retaining valuable existing ones, especially in today’s competitive market.  Our marketing services can help you target the right customers with the right offer at the right time, improving customer engagement and business performance.

Using Experian’s technology, data resources, consultancy, and expertise, you can:

  • better understand your customers, prospects, markets and competitors
  • communicate effectively with relevant individuals and organisations
  • measure the impact of this activity across your business

Marketing Planning and Consulting

Use our marketing planning and consulting services to improve your customer engagement and retention. Customer intelligence and integrated marketing produce better marketing decisions, improved marketing effectiveness and measurable, higher marketing ROI.

Customer and Business Information

Accurate data is a business critical asset. Experian has over two decades of experience in managing and interpreting vast amounts of consumer and business data. We can help you reduce costs, increase productivity, identify new opportunities and gain a deeper insight into your target markets.

Database Management and Software

Poor data skews analytics and management information, leading to misinformed decision making. Our data management software and services assist you in keeping your data clean and up to date, to achieve a true view and understanding of your contact base.

Target the Best Prospects

Identify and target your best prospects with our unique data assets and unrivalled experience. We make it easier for you to find new customers and take advantage of opportunities for expanding existing relationships. Because we own and manage an extensive range of data we can deliver the depth and quality of information you need, to identify the most responsive and valuable prospects for your organisation.

Strategic Insight and Research

Gain strategic insight and knowledge on consumers and businesses by using our intelligent research services, for a competitive advantage in your marketplace. Identify new business opportunities, quantify risk and make informed decisions. You can also gain online competitive intelligence to help you improve your website’s performance over that of your competitors

Customer Insight, Analytics and Modelling

Achieve true customer insight by utilising Experian’s data and marketing services to apply a wide array of tools and techniques and create off-the-shelf and bespoke solutions that will deliver you with a measurable ROI. All supported by our expert consultants, statisticians and business analysts.

Optimising Online Communication

Ensure you always deliver personal, relevant and meaningful messages to your consumers using Experian’s insight and analysis to improve the customer experience, and performance of your online presence and email communications.

Retail and Local Market Planning

Plan retail networks and sales territories, allocate media expenditure, set sales targets and allocate resources with insight and confidence.

Maximise Customer Value

Build a richer picture of your customers’ behaviour so you can predict and engineer how they behave in the future. Using internal and external data sources, our proven customer management tools allow you to tailor strategies to an individual and maximise the growth of your most profitable customers.

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