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Credit Risk Management

Sound credit risk management underpins a business’ stability, growth and future profitability. With so many variables to balance, however, managing credit risk can be a challenge. Optimise your credit risk analysis with high quality data, systems and strategies to help to minimise risk while also creating new opportunities.

Whether you’re offering credit to consumers or businesses, or trading with other businesses, we offer a range of credit risk solutions to optimise your profitability and reduce your credit risk throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

Application processing

We can help you to automate and manage your processes from end to end. Our application processing tools offer rapid, flexible decisioning and workflow which will maximise customer value while proactively managing risk and, potential bad debt.


We can provide you with instant verification, validation and authentication tools for preventing fraud in real time, while conducting secure online and call centre transactions. We can also provide you with the confidence that employees are who they say they are and are qualified to do the job with

Collections and recoveries

Debt collection activity often doesn't see much investment until there is a down turn in the economic cycle. However, poor collections strategies can no longer be camouflaged by increases in new business. Debt collection is moving from a cost centre to a front-line profit driver.

Experian has built a strong set of end to end services that deliver your key collections needs such as; segmentation, skip-tracing, account monitoring, decisioning and case management, through the integration of data, analytics and software.

Application fraud

Fraud is the biggest cause of revenue loss for financial, telecommunications and insurance organisations and the resulting losses always affect profitability. Our software and information will help you to detect potentially fraudulent applications even before a customer is accepted, in a speedy and efficient way.

Information and Scoring

We can provide you with the most up to date and accurate information, helping you to react intelligently with greater speed and consistency, and reduce risk at the same time. Experian’s comprehensive range of consumer and business data, reporting and scoring software is available across a wide variety of industry sectors.


We can help you with your underwriting strategy and reduce your exposure to risk and fraud by utilising our products, which have been developed specifically for the insurance industry.

Portfolio management

You need to understand your total risk exposure and customer value within your current portfolio. Through detailed analysis, we can show you not only where your most profitable customers are, but also how to find more of them.

Vehicle history

Our range of vehicle history products and services are specifically developed for the automotive industry and help to protect your business and your brand by reducing your exposure to risk.

Compliance / Best practice

We can help you comply with regulations, apply best practice, verify, trace and find lost or forgotten investments with our products and services developed specifically for the insurance sector.

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