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Building lifetime relationships profitably

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Customers have more choices than ever. They are smarter, savvier, and expect more. For many organisations, this makes retaining good customers and growing these relationships even harder.  The best way to build this loyalty and drive real sustainable growth is by getting closer to existing customers, building lasting relationships and lifetime value.

Organisations need to unlock the value of their data, turning this key information into relevant insight to identify opportunities and offer customers the right products at the right time via the right channels.

Introducing PowerCurve™ Customer Management

Experian’s PowerCurve™ Customer Management is designed to maximise the value of customer relationships and create a positive customer experience. Through high performance decisioning, you can put your customer knowledge into action – fast. This valuable insight can help you manage risk much more effectively, by identifying both positive and riskier customers, so you can develop and deliver the right decisions and in turn control costs, for each and every type of customer.

With the ability to create a unique profile for every customer, PowerCurve™ Customer Management offers a deeper insight into the dynamics of your relationship with each customer. This holistic view, with metrics for risk, profitability, propensity and lifetime value, means you can segment and personalise data to really manage and respond to customers as individuals, via their preferred communications channels, to deliver a fast, convenient, friendly and – above all – profitable service.

Organisations using PowerCurve™ Customer Management can:

  • Easily incorporate new decisioning capabilities
  • Drive higher decisioning performance and return on investment
  • Accelerate time to market while boosting overall productivity
  • Adapt and manoeuvre in ever-changing markets
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Increase take-up rates with relevant offers
  • Reduce customer churn
  • Decrease the number of delinquent customers
  • Reduce bad debt and write-off

Experian Decision Analytics offers more than three decades of proven expertise in enriching customer data and building meaningful analytics to help organisations grow profitable customer relationships. With PowerCurve™ Customer Management you can optimise decision processes, improve the profitability of customer relationships, develop loyalty and manage risk at all levels across the life cycle.

PowerCurve™ Customer Management: Building lifetime relationships profitably

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