Identify and prevent fraud

Identify and prevent fraud

Identifying and preventing fraud is another key element in a strategic approach to fraud risk management.

Understanding your greatest vulnerabilities allows you to put more emphasis on layered defences with protection commensurate with risk and value. Available as hosted, web services or integrated in-house, our comprehensive portfolio of proven, multi-layered solutions cover four key areas of fraud prevention:

  1. Verify intention to pay

    Use our Fraud Analytics in conjunction with data and credit services to accurately establish whether the applicant’s ability to pay matches their intention to pay. It analyses the bad debt book, identifies inconsistencies, patterns and triggers and develops fraud scorecards based on historic impairment cases to help verify the intention to pay.
  2. Validate and verify customer identity

    With coverage in over 200 countries, our automated Identity Document Authentication tool quickly establishes document validity, accurately confirming that the customer really exists and is who they say they are - all in a compliant manner with minimal impact on customer experience.
  3. Assess device risk

    Our comprehensive fraud detection solution rapidly analyses device attributes and behaviours in combination with user and account data to identify suspicious activity.
  4. Detect, investigate and manage potential fraud

    The accurate and efficient identification, investigation and resolution of potential fraudulent applications based on data, device and behaviour, is key to combatting fraud. Our fraud management systems help our clients do this in a way that ensures operational efficiency and maximum return on investment.

    Our solutions also use complex link analysis technologies to uncover known and unknown fraud networks through automated detection across local, sectoral and national databases to offer country-wide collaborative data sharing.

Let Experian help you develop a strategic response to fraud

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To understand more about each fraud product and solution see below:

Fraud Analytics

Experian’s Fraud Analytics: Actionable Intelligence to win the fight against application fraud.

AutoDoc-ID and Prove-ID

Experian’s AutoDoc-ID and Prove-ID: Automate ID verification and enhance your customer acceptance process.


Experian’s FraudNet: Enhance customer experience with faster and better online fraud prevention and detection.


Experian’s Hunter: Detect, investigate and record fraud at the point of application.

National Fraud Prevention Scheme

Experian’s National Fraud Prevention Scheme: The collaborative approach to fraud prevention.


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