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PowerCurve™ Originations - Pre-configured for Consumer Lending

Acquiring new customers doesn't have to be complex

The once straightforward task of consumer loan origination is increasingly anything but. Regulatory pressure, demanding customers, and more competition are challenging lenders of all types.

This is often compounded by the use of legacy originations systems that are failing to keep up with a changing market.  The result of these conditions is constrained growth and the remedy usually involves an investment in updated loan origination technology.  But this too, is becoming ever more difficult.

The high cost of ownership, lengthy solution delivery cycles, and competing priorities can easily get in the way of progress.

Introducing PowerCurve Originations Pre-configured for Consumer Lending

PowerCurve Originations Pre-configured for Consumer Lending, overcomes these obstacles with a comprehensive solution designed for organisations looking to take a best practice approach to the originations process.

Pre-configured templates for specific products and lending processes have been developed based on our deep experience in originations, removing the need for heavy customisation.  This leads to a faster time to market and accelerates time to value.

What’s more, our progressive, modular design offers the flexibility to adapt to a complex consumer lending landscape and finally brings back efficiency, responsiveness, and growth to the lending process.

Global innovation with local expertise

Our expert teams help clients navigate the ever changing customer acquisition landscape. New channels and products, changes in consumer behaviour, and increased regulatory demands are a few of the most pressing concerns that we address daily as we work with clients to drive more value from their customer acquisitions processes. So whether the need is a modest improvement to an existing process or a comprehensive, end-to-end solution, our technology and partnership enables clients to reach their customer acquisition goals.

How it works

PowerCurve Originations Pre-configured for Consumer Lending is a single tool that manages strategies and processes, accepts applications from multiple channels and offers data enrichment to enhance applicant information. It is pre-configured, based on industry best practices, for consumer lending products, such as credit cards, personal loans, mortgages and automotive loans. The tool automates data collection and routing, as well as connecting to credit bureau data sources.


  • Pre-configured application for consumer lending products based on best practices that requires minimal customisation
  • Fit for purpose solution speeds implementation yet still allows for additional client configuration
  • Originations process management enables multi-channel execution and consistent case management for improved productivity and compliance
  • Strategy management provides a robust, originations-specific business rules engine with built-in testing
  • Data connectivity and enrichment harnesses the power of data across multiple bureaus and supplementary sources
  • Extensible platform that can flexibly and dynamically grow over time as business requirements evolve


  • Leverage leading, best practice originations techniques
  • Increase accept rates and acquire more customers
  • Reduce customer acquisition costs
  • Improve the customer experience
  • Gain flexibility to respond to market opportunities and regulatory changes
  • Use IT resources efficiently

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